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Fiachra Morrison

Fiachra Morrison

Fiachra Morrison is a first time speaker at the 2024 Irish Hypnotherapy Conference.

Fiachra is the founder of the Hypnosis and Therapy Centre. Qualified since 2004, Fiachra has worked with clients with a direct, no-fuss approach to enable positive, dramatic change from the first session.

In 2004, he began seeing clients locally in Dublin. Now, the Hypnosis and Therapy Centre has scaled globally, working with clients across every continent.

As a family-run business, involving his wife Caitríona and their son Baolach, they have earned several awards for their client impact and unique, multi-therapy approach.

Fiachra continues to evolve his practice with ambitious top-performers business executives, professional athletes, actors, and business owners looking to get to the next level of success in their businesses and careers. By helping them release psychological and emotional blocks they can finally experience clarity, mental performance and motivation like never before

Mostly working online, they also continue to work with those who prefer the in-person experience.


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Day 2

The Power of Imagination - how we see the past, present & future​

April 20th 2024 – 12:15 – 1:15

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