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Sarah Jane O'Neill

Sarah Jane O'Neill

Sarah-Jane, professionally versed as a Fitness Coach, Nutrition Coach, and Remedial Hypnotist, is the proprietor of her fitness studio in Dublin. Following years of guiding clients in her studio, armed with comprehensive knowledge and tools, she began to ponder why some individuals experienced remarkable progress through seemingly simple actions, while others faded away, never to return. It became evident that more than mere affirmations and habit stacking were at play. She aspired to delve deep into the fundamental beliefs obstructing individuals from achieving lasting transformations in their health, fitness, and overall well-being.

It was during this quest that she encountered The CONTROL System, meticulously developed by Tim Box. CONTROL stands as a hands-on approach that enables swift shifts in thoughts, emotions, or behaviours. Intriguingly, this method doesn’t involve inducing a trance, and clients can learn to apply it themselves to confront other limiting beliefs that might impede their future progress.

In her role as an International Fitness Presenter, Sarah-Jane will gracefully transition from trainers to heels, making her debut appearance at the Irish Hypnotherapy Conference. During this event, she will demonstrate, in real time, how she employs The CONTROL System to empower clients in reclaiming command over their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.


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Day 2

Hypnosis without Trance​

April 20th 2024 – 10:00- 11:00

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